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A Wicked/RENT/Glee Crossover Roleplay.


What if the musicals Wicked and Rent were based on real stories? Jonathan Larson created the musical Rent, seeing it happen right in front of him while Oz is a real place over the rainbow, where politics gives the vision of who’s good and who’s wicked? Our Glee Cast would find out the truth and the secrets behind the 2 popular musicals the hard way as they slowly find out about their past resurrections. Would this affect their relationships? Change them as soon as they find their past lovers? Or would this be a test of their love for each other?

Wickedly-bohemian-glee is a crossover of Glee, Wicked and Rent, and is canon up till the end of Season 2. It features on the glee members as resurrections of the characters from the 2 popular musicals and follows their lives as they slowly remember and relive their past lives one more time, with one difference, this time, no one has aids, no one has magic and all that clings them to their past are memories and feelings of old love.




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